Wait, You Completely Dropped Your Legacy Chinese Identity?

Not joking. I take it seriously.

“I have to make this reform for myself, not only to my misleading legacy, but also to my future of independent content creation.”

This article was originally written on my notebook on March, and to be honest, a lot of details have been changed now, since I started to drop my current Chinese identity “一年级么么哒” on Bilibili from April 1st. Obviously, the change goes on now, and I’ll gradually drop this identity on all social media platforms.

Even though the legacy Chinese identity “一年级么么哒” has been used for around 7 years, it had left a long-term, but strange and tough legacy. I should declare that while I firstly used this identity on Weibo in 2015, I made tons of weird mistakes (as I was still a little boy), and recently (yet a few months ago) when I blocked some annoying users on Bilibili, I received lots of spams, swear, and bully from groups of children users.

Also, my legacy Chinese identity HAD misled a lot of people (even though my English identity “imgradeone” did so, lol). When a large amount of people see the identity for their very first time, most of them will think that, “Is this a first-grade primary school pupil?” I’m not joking, this is the truth. Though I’m not a first-grade student, most people will naturally think of that.

I simply hate those of things, while I’m facing a rising risk of being more dangerous and limited. The thing I want to do is to share my idea and create what I love independently, without obnoxious things interrupting.

For now, I will announce that I’m going to change to another new Chinese identity. I cannot spoiler any details about this new identity, since everything is still under heavy consideration, and I don’t want it to be stolen accidently. Also, some subjects might be changed. Anyway, there’s something I could tell you about.

The new personal branding will still contain some familiar elements from my previous identity, but it will point out my position for future works - independent, creative and impressive. The date to release my new identity is still uncertain, however it should be public after September - or even the next year, who will know? Importantly, it is no use guessing what the branding will be like, and any identity changes will not be impacted or interrupted by anyone else.

Another good news is that I’m going to create my own new Chinese blog and Weixin Official (or actually, Public?) Account. They will follow my work guidelines, just like what Coconut Milk Workplace shows you. This will only happen after I settle with my new branding, and it could take even longer to be published.

After all, it’s time to make my work more independent, with a better branding facing to more people.

Stay tuned!

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